Supply of Western Digital 22 and 44 TB hard drives from the My Book series

Supply of Western Digital 22 and 44 TB hard drives from the My Book series

Western Digital has recently released a new series of high-capacity hard drives 22 and 44 TB from the My Book series has unveiled In a statement, this American company announced the release of 3.5-inch internal hard drives with high capacities. With a capacity of 22 TB, Western Digital has acknowledged that this is the highest capacity of the company’s consumer hard drives to date.

John Rydning, vice president of research distribution at IDC, acknowledged that ordinary consumers continue to generate data at a rapid pace, and in 2022, the average household worldwide generated more than 20 terabytes of data, and this trend is expected to increase in the future. He further acknowledged that while many people and businesses continue to use cloud storage, some users are also looking to store their data locally on their hard drives.

44 TB Western Digital My Book hard drive

In this regard, it is stated that every American family uses an average of 10 digital devices and the use of these hard drives can be considered suitable for extensive backup of information. The Western Digital My Book hard drive with a capacity of 22 TB provides the possibility of supporting thousands of documents, videos, photos and user files by supporting other devices such as SSD and HDD, and USB flash drives.

44 TB Western Digital My Book hard drive

For those looking for more capacity, Western Digital will also offer a 44 TB hard drive called the My Book Duo model, which supports RAID drives for high speed and performance. However, you can’t expect a low price from these storage drives, and Western Digital is going to make the 22TB version available for $600 and the 44TB version for $1,500.

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