Surfshak’s claim: Iran; The second country in the world in internet restrictions!

Surfshak's claim: Iran;  The second country in the world in internet restrictions!

The reliable website “Surfshark” announced Iran as the second country in internet restriction by publishing an annual report on the world’s internet restriction situation in 2022.

In recent years and decades, Iran’s Internet has been facing damage and filtering challenges; But the internet restrictions in this country have never been as intense as in the past months. most recently, Authentic “Surfshark” website In its annual report, it examined the limitations of the world’s internet in 2022. According to the reviews of this website, Iran has become the second country in the world with the largest number of these restrictions by receiving eleven new internet restrictions.

Prominent measures of Internet and social media restriction in 2022

The variables of the annual report of the “Surfshark” website include legal control, suppression or disruption when viewing, downloading or publishing content on the World Wide Web. The “Surfshark” website claims that 19 countries In 2022, they have faced internet restrictions. also 32 countriesBefore 2022, they imposed long-term restrictions on people’s access to the Internet. Most of the reasons for creating internet restrictions come back to protests and political and social developments. Asia He has witnessed the most restrictions on the Internet and social media is used “Facebook” increasingly faced with limited access.

the most countries facing internet restrictions;  Internet restrictions in Iran

The most countries facing internet restrictions

“Surfshark” website, during the investigation of high-frequency internet restrictions in 2022, countries such as Russia, India, Iran And Jammu and Kashmir region introduced as countries with severe internet restrictions. According to “Surfshark”, these countries caused frequent disruptions in the Internet and social media in international media coverage. For example, the country Russia Due to the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the access of most of its users to social media “twitter” limited

Also, the Indian people’s protests against the army recruitment law have led to the interruption of the internet in the east of this country. Due to political and social conflicts, Iran and the region of Jammu and Kashmir faced widespread internet disruption, especially in Iran where users had free access to applications such as “Instagram” and “WhatsApp” for 2424 hours is limited. In a more detailed review of the “Surfshark” website, the internet was cut off in Kurdistan province for a period of 336 hours and countrywide internet interruption for a period of time 330 hours have been.

Facebook; The most hated social media among authoritarian governments

In line with the performance of social applications, media “Facebook” It is known as the most hated social media platform by authoritarian governments. This social media was severely limited in the mentioned countries in 2022. In fact, as of 2015, 46 percent of the world’s population has been affected in some way by government-imposed Facebook media restrictions. Four countries will block users’ access to Facebook in 2022; The amount of Facebook access disorders in Burkina Faso And Russia It has lasted until 2023, while Sri Lanka And Jordan They imposed relatively short restrictions on the use of Facebook.

“Instagram” In the second place is the annual report of “Surfshark” in 2022. Also people’s access to the program “TIC Tac” in 2022 by countries Azerbaijan, Armenia, Jordan, Pakistan And Uzbekistan is limited.

In the conclusion section of the annual report of the “Surf Shark” website, it is stated that in 2022, only 34 cases of Internet restrictions were observed in the world; But then the number of restrictions reached 41 cases at the end of the year. Overall, 4.2 billion people Throughout the year, they have experienced internet restrictions.

Do you agree with the annual report of “Surfshark” regarding the choice of Iran as the second country in providing the most internet restrictions? Please share your opinions about the recent internet restrictions in Iran.

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