Survival expert talks about his experience with Stranded: Alien Dawn

Survival expert talks about his experience with Stranded: Alien Dawn

A survival expert recently experienced the gameplay of the planet survival simulator Stranded: Alien Dawn and shared his thoughts on the game in an exclusive video.

According to “Eurogamer” news agency, “John Hudson”, a senior survival expert in the British military, recently parts of The gameplay of Stranded: Alien Dawn has experienced He said that this title has managed to provide users with opportunities to find themselves in the unknown and unforgiving world.

Following the experience of this game, Hudson teaches users useful tips when saving a person from an air crash or accident. He offers tips on how to protect yourself from the weather and environment, start a fire (for cooking), purify water, and keep warm. Hudson also shares his thoughts on how to survive in a hostile environment, from building shelters to trapping animals to treating infections caused by alien insect bites.

Stranded game

The release date of the full version of the survival game Stranded

It should be noted that the full version of the survival game Stranded: Alien Dawn is in history April 25 (May 5, 1402) For PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch) and personal computer (PC) are available. PC users can get the mentioned game from the Steam platform or the Epic store.

The experimental version of the Stranded game was released in September of last year and was able to attract positive comments from users on the Steam platform. In this title, players have to put the fate of a small group of rescued people in their hands. You can watch the full video of “John Hudson” talking about the said game at the bottom of the page:

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