Syria revokes car import license from Iran

سوریه مجوز واردات خودرو از ایران را لغو کرد

News published in cyberspace indicates a ban on the import of cars from Iran to Syria. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Silence plans to export at least one million vehicles abroad next year. This is while the news of strictness and Iraqi opposition to importing Iranian cars Was also published.

Tehran Chamber Public Relations Surveys show that the Syrian government has revoked the license to import Iranian-made cars for at least the past year and a half, and that no domestically produced cars are allowed to enter the country.

It seems that the limited foreign exchange resources in Syria and the concern about the exchange rate jump in this country have caused the Syrian authorities to announce a ban on car imports from Iran and a number of other countries.

Of course, it is heard that the imposition of US sanctions against Syria due to the import of cars and other goods from Iran has been announced as another reason for this ban. This issue is currently denied by the activists of the Iran-Syria Joint Chamber.

Mohammad Reza Najafi Manesh, a member of the Tehran Chamber of Deputies, responded: “Iran has built a car factory in Syria for the past three years, and since last year Iran-Khodro has been in talks with the Prime Minister and the Syrian Ministry of Industry to issue The license to import cars from Iran has started again. “Iran-Khodro is trying to persuade the Syrian authorities and decision-makers to allow the import of Iranian products, given the existence of the only three-car factory from Iran in this country.”

Prohibition of importing cars from Iran to Syria

It is even said that the credit line has been provided through the Export Development Bank to transfer currency for the import of cars from Iran to Syria.

“Syria, like Iran, has currency restrictions and has banned the import of some goods that are similar to domestic ones,” a member of the Iran-Syria Chamber of Commerce said in response. “Importing cars into this country has been banned for a long time.”

He continued: “Iran Khodro and Saipa, which are represented in these countries, also import and assemble parts in CKD form, which is still the case and has not changed. “However, the import of some parts, such as brake pads or engine oil, which cannot be produced in Syria, continues, and Iran is one of the most important exporters of these goods to Syria.”

Meanwhile, the ban on importing cars to Syria for Iranian carmakers has been announced, and the Ministry of Silence is seeking to enter the markets of other countries, including Armenia. Even the Azerbaijani market is on the agenda.

It is said that the development and application of some strict standards by the Syrian government, including the reasons for banning the import of cars and parts from Iran.

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