System Partners Market Platform; The first police market for the supply and sale of organizational software in the country

System Partners Market Platform;  The first police market for the supply and sale of organizational software in the country

The emergence of the police market in recent years in the country has brought many benefits to suppliers and end users as well as the administrators of these platforms. Ability to access a variety of products, compare prices and simple buying process for consumers on the one hand and on the other hand, suppliers who were previously involved in marketing challenges and introducing their products to the market or access to potential customers, by offering Their products or services on these platforms have been exposed to customers more than ever.

Market managers also continuously increase the quality of service by focusing on improving the site infrastructure, content production and improving the user experience, and earn money from selling products and managing this ecosystem without the need to have a supply warehouse and costs. they do.

So far, a successful police market in the country; They have entered the market in areas such as clothing, retail, transportation services and food and are known to end customers.

In the world, however, the scope of services of market policymakers is wider, and in various industries such as information technology, we see the presence of technology giants such as SAP and Salesforce in this field.

System Partners is the first market to offer and sell enterprise software. System Partners, with more than three decades of experience in providing comprehensive software solutions, has designed a police market called “System Partners Market” to meet the special needs of its growing customers.

Partner Market is a space system for the supply and sale of enterprise software by development companies. These products have the ability to communicate and integrate with the ERP of system partners and help strengthen this powerful core. Software development companies, by accessing the large market of system partners and identifying their needs, produce and market software products.

In this way, in addition to accessing this large market, they are also introduced to a wide range of customers through the market platform. Customers of system partners, by accessing the products available in the market, have the opportunity to compare products and purchase them in a shorter time. System Partners, by expanding the network of its developing companies, is trying to increase the number and variety of products available in the market and cover the needs of customers in various dimensions.

Developers and developers active in the field of programming can request to cooperate as a partner in the development of system partners and market their products on the market. This address In the developer application registration section, register or call 83382745 ext. 2 (Representatives Affairs).

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