Taiwan has announced that its chip companies are committed to US sanctions against China

Taiwan has announced that its chip companies are committed to US sanctions against China

Taiwan’s economy minister has announced that the country’s chip companies are adhering to new US blacklisting sanctions laws against China.

Last week, the US government added seven Chinese companies and technology organizations to its blacklist. Now, according to the Taiwan Ministry of Commerce, chip companies in Taiwan are under new US law They remain committed And they consider it necessary.

The US Department of Commerce says the activities of Chinese companies and organizations recently added to the country’s blacklist are against national interests and international policies. It also claims that some companies are pursuing plans to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Companies and organizations listed on the US Sanctions List are required to first submit their application to the Department of Commerce when requesting permission to receive items from US suppliers for further scrutiny.

TSMC is one of the largest suppliers of chips in the world to a Taiwanese company, which makes it difficult for Chinese companies. Taiwan will follow compliance with new US laws, Economy Minister Wang Mai-hua said. He says:

“Taiwanese manufacturing and exporting companies are required to comply with Taiwanese commercial laws. “Given that the United States has new rules for the business of some Chinese companies, Taiwanese companies are also required to continue to operate in accordance with specified criteria and in accordance with the new laws enacted by the United States.”

The US move comes amid rising tensions with China over Taiwan. In addition, this decision was made at a time when the world is facing a shortage of chips and many problems have arisen for the supply chain of various products.

It remains to be seen where US sanctions will ultimately go and what the outcome of the Sino-US trade war will be.

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