Take a look at the latest software based on ChatGPT

Take a look at the latest software based on ChatGPT

Microsoft has been a big supporter of the OpenAI ChatGPT product since the beginning, and has already integrated it into products such as Bing and Edge, as well as Skype. And now in the latest Windows 11 update, ChatGPT will also come to the search box in the operating system’s taskbar. But this is only the beginning, because OpenAI recently announced that his ChatGPT and Whisper are available to developers to use to build their latest software.

  • Prohibiting Chinese technology companies from using ChatGPT-based services

ChatGPT services are cheaper than before

After several extensive optimizations, using ChatGPT now costs 90% less than in December. This means that the gtp-3.5-turbo model now costs $0.002 per 1000 tokens. In other words, you can get 500,000 tokens for one dollar.

This new price makes it much cheaper for companies to build a personalized chatbot. But ChatGPT works with text, so what if a company wants its bot to respond to voice commands? That’s where Whisper comes in. This AI model can convert speech to text at a cost of $0.006 per minute ($1 for 2 hours and 45 minutes).

Not only does Whisper understand 99 languages, it can also provide an English translation of what’s being said. The app also has a lot of potential to compete with voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, which can only handle a limited number of languages.

Companies can use OpenAI products to build their own custom new chatbots, and some already do, and Microsoft isn’t alone. A few examples will be mentioned below.


Snapchat This week My AI introduced for Snapchat+. This bot can give you recommendations like a recipe for dinner or planning a hiking trip. And you can even ask it to write a haiku (Japanese three-line rhymed poem) for you.

The latest ChatGPT software


Instacart It also launched a chat-based bot that can help customers by suggesting recipes and automatically creating a shopping list.

The latest ChatGPT software


Also in the app Shopify’s Shop It can help users search for products and brands and select items as if they had a personal shopping assistant.

The latest ChatGPT software

Quizlet Q-Chat

ChatGPT can also be used in learning applications. Quizlet Q-Chat, a “fully compatible artificial intelligence tutor”. More flexible than fixed tests in textbooks, which must answer all students, this one adapts itself to the needs of students.

The latest ChatGPT software


Speak The fastest growing English learning app in South Korea showcases Whisper’s capabilities as it helps locals learn the language. Currently, Speak has also entered new markets.

The latest ChatGPT software

At Here You can learn more about ChatGPT pricing. Dedicated instances are also available for companies that want a more reliable experience (otherwise the model runs on a shared instance whose performance will vary depending on server load).

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