Take a look at the smart technology used in the BMW i7 electric motor

نگاهی به فناوری هوشمند به کار رفته در موتور برقی بی ام و i7

Although many margins New generation 7 series And its electric model, the i7, is centered around its appearance. Technology used in Electric propulsion It continues to evolve.

The first model released i7 xDrive60 Will be using the fifth generation eDrive package.

Other elements such as Regenerative brakes It is also optimized to increase the efficiency of the driving forces.

BMW 7 Series

The fifth generation eDrive based Engine technology with actuator generator Is. As a result, there is no need for a motor with permanent magnets in the rotor section (rotating section of the motor).

This is due to the rare earth metals used in the construction of these engines.

BMW i7

The price of neodymium oxide to build Powerful magnets Used, has more than doubled in 2019, and since its source of supply Only China With 90% supply. Failure to use this material puts an end to the stability of electric vehicles and worries about future resources.

BMW 7 Series

BMW synchronous motor that Permanent magnetic field It uses a rotor to replace an electrically generated magnetic field.

This includes Electricity supply To the rotor is through brushes and a slip ring (instead of brushless motors).

BMW 7 Series

This type of brush is known as one of the weaknesses of this type of motor. But in fact, this technology has worked well for BMW so far, and it has worked well for Renault Zoe.

The I7 uses two electric motors for its electric vehicle. Each used on the front axle and the other on the rear axle.

Also the latest version Adaptive recovery system Available in ix and i4 models.

BMW 7 Series

This system is optimized with the help of navigation data Auxiliary braking energy reduction system he does. In fact the car using GPS system data can act at the right time Battery charging Slow down.

Regen leveling system is also possible Increase and decrease the braking force Provides.

This system is also used in downhill and also uses a traffic light detection system to maximize energy recovery.

BMW 7 Series

Charging strategies are also adjusted to Cooling rate delivered with battery Change during fast charging. This prevents the battery cells from overheating.

System Preheat cells to charge faster It is also another feature of this system. The battery cells will heat up to the required level for faster charging.

BMW 7 Series

Battery management system approaching Capacity threshold in the form of a curve Linear instead of stepped reduces charge rate. As a result, it improves the charging speed.

I7 of one Heat pump Also enjoys. This pump is integrated with drive and cab systems. Turns on heating or cooling efficiently.

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