Technology giants agree to new EU rules to deal with fake news

موافقت غول‌های فناوری با قوانین جدید اتحادیه اروپا برای مقابله با اخبار جعلی

Some large technology companies such as Meta, Microsoft, Google, Twitter and TickTock, new EU rules to deal with Incorrect information Online and Fake news Signed.

Companies that do New EU law Agreed, they should make more efforts to prevent the spread of fake news and propaganda on their platforms, as well as share more detailed data on their cooperation with EU member states. The European Commission, announcing the new law, called the “Procedure for Misinformation”, said its guidelines were based in particular on the experience of the Corona crisis and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Obligations of the law reduce false information

The law includes a total of 44 specific “commitments” for companies, all of which focus on reducing the dissemination of false information online. These commitments include creating searchable archives for political propaganda, reducing the number of bots and fake accounts related to the dissemination of false information, providing users with a tool for tagging false information, and working closely with companies and verification services.

Some US-based tech companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, have taken similar initiatives in the past under pressure from regulators, but the European Union claims their new rules make it harder to enforce the rules. .

Rejection of the law by Apple and Telegram

Incorrect information

Meanwhile, the names of some companies in the list of signatories of this law do not appear. for example, Apple Despite its growing advertising business, it does not appear on this list. Also the name Telegram Also on the list after the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, which became a platform for spreading propaganda and false news about the war.

Finally, the EU appears to be taking a very serious approach to enforcing the new rules, as EU Home Market Commissioner Thierry Burton explains that if companies break the rules, they will have to turn up to 6% of turnover. The world itself must pay the fine.

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