Tehran Exhibitors Union: We recommend that you do not buy a car for now

Tehran Exhibitors Union: We recommend that you do not buy a car for now

With the possibility of reviving Burjam and the start of the Vienna talks increasing; Many experts had predicted that car prices would decline after Eid. The same thing happened, and at the same time with the fall in the price of the dollar, the car market, although it had relatively tense days in April, is now having a calm May. Saeed Motameni, president of the Capital Car Dealers and Exhibitors Union, said of the current market situation that falling prices have made the market look like it did before Eid, and that buyers should wait until the shops reopen because prices in the car market are currently unknown.

Motameni added that in parallel with the fall in currency prices; Capital and car markets also calmed down. He says prices are lower than they were two weeks ago and, like in the last months of last year; They have taken a downward trend. Motameni, of course, noted that the formal market is now closed and prices have fallen in the informal market; However; In the same market, there is no trace of the buyer.

He says that even those who need a car are currently refusing to buy. Motameni reminded that with the increase in supply; The difference between market and factory prices will decrease, and if we see an increase in supply by automakers by the end of the year; The price of the car will probably go down again. He also spoke about the complete recession in the foreign car market, saying that the deal in this market is almost zero.

“The prices that now exist in cyberspace are fictitious and the brokers set the prices,” said Kashani, a vice-president of the Exhibitors’ Union. “We will not be able to announce a price for the car until there is a deal, and we will have to wait until the shops reopen.”

Regarding the future of car prices, Kashani said: “It is not clear what the prices will be, in principle, the supply, the dollar rate and the transactions in the price of a car are decisive. The latest prices are now the same as the ones traded before the holidays. Explaining an example of the unrealistic price of cars in cyberspace, the vice president of the Tehran Automobile Exhibitors Union said: “For some time now, car prices in cyberspace change twice a day on sites, while the market is closed and there is no buying and selling that he wants.” “There will be a new basis for pricing.”

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