Tehran Municipality systems are still disrupted: the provision of online services is temporarily limited

سامانه‌های شهرداری تهران همچنان در اختلال: ارائه خدمات آنلاین به صورت موقت محدود شده است

While 4 days have passed since the cyber attack on Tehran’s municipal systems, the disorder is still persistent and it is not possible to use the municipality’s online services. Currently, only the first page of the Tehran Municipality website has been returned and it is not possible to refer to any of the sections of this website.

Noon on Thursday, June 12, Tehran municipal systems under cyber attack Was located and the site of Tehran Municipality became unavailable. Despite the fact that 4 days have passed since this attack, the disorders still persist. In this regard, the Tehran Municipality Communication Center has issued a statement announcing the continuation of this disorder.

“In recent days, sabotage attacks on some service systems in Tehran were carried out with the aim of causing dissatisfaction and disruption in service to the people, which was created in the very first moments by technical experts, diagnosis and control over processes and systems. However, some of these systems are now available to ensure maximum stability and maximum service to Temporary face Limited Has been. “Once the experts of the Information Technology Organization and the responsible institutions are assured, these systems will continue the process of serving the people of Tehran.”

According to this announcement, the citizens of Tehran can report any cases or any problems in the systems and services of Tehran Municipality by calling 137.

The municipality of Tehran has also apologized to the citizens for possible problems and announced that it will do its best to continue providing the desired service.

Currently, only the first page of the Tehran Municipality website is available, but other pages and links are not available. People are returned to the main page by clicking on each section.

But the interesting thing is that they seem to have used the internet archive site “archive.org” to restore the same home page.

A review of the code of the Tehran Municipality website shows that the main page of this site is currently the archive registered in archive.org during May 6, this year, which was retrieved at 5 pm last day.

Some cyberspace users suspect that the reason for this is the lack of access to backup files on the Tehran Municipality website. It is not clear whether this lack of access is temporary or permanent.

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