Telegram is equipped with the ability to make group video calls

Telegram is equipped with the ability to make group video calls

With the onset of coronary heart disease, voice and video calling platforms became increasingly popular. In a new move, Telegram plans to provide users with the ability to have group video calls with each other from next month.

Telegram CEO Paul Dorf published a post on his official channelHe signaled The new feature of this application will have the usual features of a video conferencing service such as noise cancellation and screen sharing, and users of all versions of the application, including desktop and mobile, can use this feature.

An update on the ability to use group video calling is expected to be released soon for the iOS version of Telegram. Initially, the video calling feature of 2020 was supposed to be added to this platform, but this did not happen.

Telegram currently supports personal video calling and group voice chat (similar to the Club House app). Video calls are encrypted by this application, but it is not yet clear whether this will be true for the new video conferencing feature and whether it supports the Telegram encryption system.

The latest update from Telegram has introduced a number of changes, including the ability to schedule voice chats on the channel, zoom in directly on images, zoom in and out of videos, and the ability to pay in-app for some services.

Telegram was also able to grow very well during the outbreak of the Corona virus and at the same time as many employees were telecommuting. According to the company, the number of monthly active users reached 400 million in 2020, while in 2018 it was 200 million. Of course, the announcement of the change in WhatsApp privacy policies helped a lot and caused many users of the application belonging to Facebook to send telegrams.

Although WhatsApp has a much slower growth rate than Telegram, but in 2018, this messenger also added the ability of group video and voice calls to its application.

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