Telegram now has more than 500 million monthly active users

Telegram now has more than 500 million monthly active users

Paul Dorf, co-founder and CEO of Telegram, said the messengers exceeded 500 million monthly active users. More importantly, in the last 72 hours, Telegram has managed to attract more than 25 million new users, thanks in part to recent WhatsApp policies and margins.

“38% of Asia, 27% of Europe, 21% of Latin America and 8% of the Middle East and North Africa have joined the messengers,” the Telegram CEO said. Dorf described the recent trend of users joining Telegram differently, writing: “We have already experienced a sharp increase in downloads in the 7-year history of protecting our users’ privacy, but this time everything is different.”

“People no longer want to be held hostage by big tech monopolies, and of course they no longer allow these companies to do so,” he wrote in a post on his Telegram channel. “Treat them, because these companies just have a lot of users.”

This is not the first time the CEO of Telegram has used such a tone towards his main competitor, WhatsApp. In recent days, he has also directly addressed these platforms by addressing WhatsApp and Facebook. He mocked and wrote Facebook has a full section to investigate why Telegram messengers are so popular: “Imagine several employees just working full-time on this topic!”

The reason for the influx of users from all over the world to Telegram, of course, is nothing but the new terms of WhatsApp, which is supposed to share some user data with Facebook. In recent days, this issue has caused great concern to the user community; As Telegram now says, it has attracted more than 25 million new users in 72 hours, and on the other hand, messengers. Signal with 4000% growth download Has been faced. WhatsApp, of course, tried today with Publish calm statements to its users But it seems after An ultimatum to share data with Facebook or cut off access to WhatsAppIt is now somewhat too late to issue complex and inefficient public statements.

However, Telegram is crossing the 500 million users mark after the CEO of the messenger officially announced that In 2021, Telegram will be on the way to generating revenue for the first time. In fact, Paul Dorf announced in early December that Telegram would soon unveil its advertising platform; A platform that he says is supposed to respect users’ privacy. The exact details of Telegram’s advertising campaign are not yet known.

Telegram was filtered in Iran in May 2016, but it is still widely used by the people. “Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi” had recently said about filtering the telegram that “I also do not know why Telegram should still be filtered. »

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