Telegram Premium was officially introduced

تلگرام پریمیوم رسما معرفی شد

Shortly after Telegram CEO Pavel Dorf was released Premium service The messenger announced that now, in the latest update, Telegram has unveiled this service. In addition to introducing this service, Telegram has also unveiled new features for the free version of these messengers, as well as reaching the number of monthly active users. 700 million people has informed.

To According to Telegram, This shared service supports the continued development of these messengers and gives users additional proprietary features. Of course, this does not mean that users will not be able to access the free version or release new features.

Telegram Premium

By subscribing to the premium service, users will be provided with new features that, for example, can be uploaded. 4 GB files, Higher download speeds, improved chat management, dedicated stickers and more. Of course, as we said, the current capabilities of these messengers for free will remain, and ordinary users can also experience some premium features such as downloading large files or viewing dedicated stickers.

Here is a look at the capabilities of Telegram Premium:

Upload 4 GB files

Users can now upload 2 GB files to Telegram servers for free, but in the premium version this size reaches 4 GB, and for example, 4 hours of 1080p video can be uploaded to the messenger servers. All users regardless of membership Premium service Whether or not they can download these files.

Higher download speeds

Premium service users can download files as fast as possible, and the only thing that can prevent this is the speed of the user’s network.

Reduce restrictions

In the premium version, almost all restrictions are reduced. For example, you can subscribe to 1000 channels, create 20 chat folders with 200 chats each, add 4 accounts to each Telegram app, save your 10 favorite stickers, and also pin 10 chats on the home screen.

You will also be able to write a longer biography with a link. Premium version users can also book 20 public t.me links.

Convert audio to text

With this feature, you can convert voice messages to text and also rate it to improve the performance of this feature.

Unique stickers

In the premium service, you will have access to special stickers with various full-screen animations that better convey your feelings. The collection of premium stickers is updated every month by Telegram artists.

Specific reactions

Premium service users get access to new ways to respond to messages and access more than 10 new emojis.

Chat management

In the premium version, we also have new tools for managing the chat list, for example, you can change your default chat folder so that the app always opens your personal folder. Users can also archive and mute chats automatically.

Animated profile pictures

For premium users, animated profile pictures or short videos are displayed for everyone in the chat and even the chat list.

Premium badge

All users of the premium service will have access to a dedicated logo with an asterisk icon next to their name, and individuals can view the logo in the chat list, chat header, and group members list.

Premium App Icons

Telegram Premium

Premium service users also have access to new icons that can be added to the home screen. These icons include the premium service star, the night sky, as well as the telegram icon with the turbo symbol.

Target ads

It has been a while since Telegram started showing ads on popular public channels, and now in the premium service, users get rid of these ads.

Although Telegram has unveiled the features of the premium version, we still do not know the exact price. However rumors in the past have said that the monthly cost of Premium Telegram is equal $ 4.99 will be.

New features of the free version of Telegram

In addition to introducing Telegram Premium, Telegram in its latest update has new features for the free version of its messengers. One of these features is the request to join public groups so that the admin can allow users to join the group.

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Another feature is the chat confirmation badge that users can now receive for their groups, channels or bots. In the new update, the bots will also be improved, and we will also see an improved chat preview in the Android version. In this update, Telegram has returned the “automatic save in gallery” option to the Android version of its messengers, and of course, it can be activated and deactivated for different sections.

1655670522 618 Telegram Premium was officially introduced Telegram Premium was officially introduced 5

Telegram has also introduced a new way to create a personal profile picture on MacOS, and has finally improved the performance of its mobile and desktop messenger versions with more than 100 optimizations and bug fixes.

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