Tensions with Tim Cook and controversy over Apple Watch, reasons for Johnny Ive’s separation from Apple

تنش با تیم کوک و جدال بر سر اپل واچ، دلایل جدایی جانی آیو از اپل

New York Times tech reporter Trip Mikel will soon publish a new book about Apple, part of which has now been shared. In this part of the book, the story of tensions between “Tim Cook”The current CEO of Apple and Johnny IveThe senior vice president of technology giant design has come, which eventually led to the departure of the company by Ivo.

According to the report, their main problem Apple Watch Ivo was intended to be a “fashion” product, but Apple and Cook’s marketing team questioned all costs and its emphasis on fashion, focusing more on the capabilities of the watch. The New York Times in this book “After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Nature,” explains Ive. Was.

Johnny Ive’s relationship with Steve Jobs and the tension with Tim Cook

The report begins by emphasizing the relationship between Ive and Steve Jobs, the former CEO and co-founder of Apple, and details the creation of Imec. It explains that Ive’s presence was a “relief” for Jobs, and that they worked closely together, and that Jobs regularly visited the company’s design studio.

With the advent of Cook and the death of Jobs, Ive’s experience as a tech giant changed dramatically. Cook apparently showed less interest in design than Jobs from the beginning, and rarely visited the design studio during the Apple Watch.

Apparently, Tim Cook eventually welcomed Ivo’s idea for the Apple Watch, but the Apple designer later referred to it as a “failure”.

Johnny Ive

Cook, on the other hand, is said to have continued to move the company’s business in a new direction. For example, he replaced Mickey Drexler as James Bell, a former Boeing CFO, as CEO. Ivo did not even agree with or support Tim Cook’s management changes in the company.

However, in June 2019, Ivo invited his design teams to the cinema to watch a private show called “Yesterday” to tell them of his decision to leave the company. The theme of the film, which portrayed the “eternal battle of art and commerce,” well illustrated the tensions between Johnny Ive and Tim Cook.

Ivo praised his team and asked them to maintain Apple’s identity, as well as assuring them that he would continue to work as a consultant through his design company, LoveFrom.

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