Tepsel cooperates with the market in video advertising and search advertising

Tepsel cooperates with the market in video advertising and search advertising

Based on the one-year experience of market cooperation with Tepsel advertising network, the possibility of providing advertising services in search of the market and advertising in the video market of the market was provided to Tepsel advertising network for one year from January 1, 2010.

Mohammad Reza Tashkari, Senior Director of Sales and Commercial Cooperation, said about the provision of advertising services in the market: “Developers and advertisers can benefit directly from advertising in the search panel or through the sales managers of the video section in the market. In the market, a team of campaign and executive managers is formed that meets the needs of advertisers for advertising tools in the market. “On the other hand, due to the request of some developers to need the services of the agency to use market advertising methods, Tepsel was selected as a market partner agency to facilitate communication between such developers and advertisers.”

Regarding the cooperation agreement with Tepsel Digital Marketing Agency, he says: “Tepsel, along with the market, are the only ways to sell and provide services for the market’s advertising sectors in search and video advertising media, and since the beginning of January this year, no other agency or group has It is not possible. »

Based on the goal of maintaining the quality of advertising services, the market goes to all users with a dynamic approach and takes steps to develop and promote advertising products in the market by collecting feedback and considering them.

As in the market and Tepsel panel, it is possible to see the volume of users attracted through search ads to create more transparency and provide insight and help developers to make better decisions to manage their campaigns, in coordination with the Tepsel advertising network, the agency The monthly report informs its customers about the volume of users attracted through the search advertising channel.

“Over the past year, many developers have received market advertising services through Tepsel, and we have been able to provide the services we envisioned and build good trust in the industry,” said Mohammad Jalalian, Chief Advertising Officer at Tepsel. do. “Tepsel has always tried to add value to businesses in various industries by diversifying its online advertising services.”

The market has always tried to increase the ways of interaction with business partners and developers and to raise the level of market services. Therefore, it has created different options for using the market advertising facilities. On the other hand, by adding this service to its portfolio of online advertising services, Tepsel has taken another big step towards providing comprehensive marketing services to companies.

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