Tesla Air Liquid Test; Did Ilan Mask feel threatened?

تست لوسید Air توسط تسلا؛ آیا ایلان ماسک احساس خطر کرده است؟

Using the products of competing companies to uncover mysteries and reverse engineering is not a new phenomenon. As Tesla is a leader in electric vehicles, other companies are using its products for testing and reverse engineering. But the strange thing is that recently a device Lucid Air in the Tesla test kit Located on the grounds of the Freemont factory. Based on the evidence, Tesla seems to be testing the Air Lucid Discover the secrets and abilities of the competitor Done.

You may know the company Lucid by Bernard TseA senior vice president and former board member of Tesla was founded.

The company was initially named Atieva and In the field of propulsion production for other companies Was active. After changing its name to Lucid Motors, the company Change strategy He also focused on the production of electric vehicles. The first Lucid product is the Air model, which is in the category of luxury electric sedans.

Lucid Motors in 2016 Peter Rollinson Attracted. Before joining Lucid, Mr. Rollinson as Tesla Senior Vice President Was working.

The interesting thing is Tesla Model S under the supervision of Mr. Rawlinson it is developed. This prominent engineer is currently leaning on the chair of Lucid CEO.

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Peter Rollinson

Lucid Air It is the first electric car More than 500 miles or 800 kilometers has it. Although this figure is significant, Ilan Musk believes that such a figure is not useful in the real world. He had previously downplayed Peter Rawlinson in the development of the Tesla Model S.

Mr Musk said earlier this year that Tesla could have built an electric car with a range of more than 600 miles or 1,000 kilometers a year earlier than Lucid Motors. He stated that the reason for not producing such a model was the “deterioration” of the product.

Ilan Mask

Considering the speeches of Mr. Ilan Mask and Reduce the price of Tesla Model S After determining the base price of Air, it can be concluded that the loudest man in the world of technology compared to the power of Lucid company. Feeling threatened has done.

Now that delivery of Lucid Air has begun, Tesla is taking one of its devices to its test suite and evaluating its capabilities. As spy images show, Tesla is testing the car’s performance on the track and its accelerations.

Air Lucid Test

Maybe factors like existence New technologiesAchieve Lucid to Very high efficiency And the small size of the Air model propulsion is the main motivation and factor in testing this car by Tesla.

Not to mention that some time ago, images of testing and evaluation of Tesla Model S Pold and Tesla Model 3 by General Motors were leaked at the Michigan plant.

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