Tesla is looking to build a $ 25,000 economy car

Tesla is looking to build a $ 25,000 economy car

Tesla’s senior vice president in China, Tom Zhou, recently gave an interview to the Chinese channel Xinhua Net. While the focus of this interview was on Tesla’s plans in China, the main point is the release of Tesla’s $ 25,000 compact product. Mr. Zhou has confirmed that their cheaper and smaller product will be produced at the Tesla Giga Factory Research Center in Shanghai.

Zhou has said that Tesla’s compact electric car will be produced in China, but will be sold globally. Zhou had previously said that they were building a modern R&D center to design new products. This will be Tesla’s first comprehensive research and development center in China, in fact, the first center outside the United States!

Tesla had previously established the Shanghai Giga Factory Center. Shortly after the production of the Model 3 sedan in Phase One, in Phase Two, the plant is ready to build the Model Y as an electric crossover. This new R&D center will definitely follow suit. Zhou said in an interview:

“We have the Tesla Giga Factory in Shanghai and are now building a new R&D center, which is Tesla’s first R&D center outside the United States. “The R&D center covers all disciplines, including design, automotive engineering, platform development and automotive testing.”

Zhou says that China’s Tesla pursues three goals: design, development and production. The target price for this product is $ 25,000. Of course, it should be noted that Tesla products do not have the same prices in different parts of the world. Exchange rate fluctuations in different countries can also affect the cost of these cars. This car is actually the cheapest Tesla that will be sold in different markets. Other reports suggest that Tesla’s economic product is a hatchback that will be built on the Model 3 platform. Road tests will also begin later this year.

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