Tesla lobbies with the British government to increase taxes on petrol and diesel vehicles

Publication of the table of customer satisfaction with cars: Tesla at the top, Mazda at the bottom

Tesla, which is run by Ilan Mask or the “King of Technology”, has lobbied the British government to raise taxes on petrol and diesel vehicles to increase subsidies for electric vehicles and to ban the sale of hybrid vehicles in the country.

According to New reportTesla, the world’s largest automaker and leader in the electric vehicle market, has called for increased costs for electric and diesel vehicles to increase tax breaks for battery-powered vehicles.

Tesla’s proposal theoretically raises the price of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK by thousands of pounds, while lowering the price of electric vehicles. In a similar request in July last year, Tesla announced the system without revenue for the government:

“It makes perfect sense to support non-polluting vehicles through mechanisms to increase the cost of new fossil fuel vehicles due to the damage they cause. “The result could be a revenue-free system for the government.”

Increasing the tax on fossil fuel vehicles is supported by many pro-environmental groups as a way to combat global warming and climate change. However, governments can make little change in the price of fossil fuels. Gasoline and diesel subsidies in the UK, for example, reach میلیون 50 million.

Tesla, meanwhile, has sought to do so, with its $ 1.5 billion investment in bitcoin being criticized by activists because, according to environmental activists, cryptocurrencies consume a lot of energy.

Tesla’s view of fossil fuels differs from that of rival companies. Most car activists have lobbied in Britain to counter the ban on petrol and diesel cars until 2030, but the government has decided to continue selling hybrid cars until 2035, which is in the interests of some automakers.

Tesla wants to ban the sale of hybrid cars by 2032 and only sell electric cars in the UK. Such a request is in line with the announcement of the British Committee on Climate Change, which speaks of a ban on the sale of these products until 2032. This will increase sales of Tesla cars, but further tax breaks will benefit the masked company.

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