Tesla surpassed Audi in the US market; The fourth best-selling brand among luxury cars

Let’s start with the statement that many people, even Tesla’s team members, do not consider the company’s products luxurious. Tesla considers its cars premium because they are more expensive than many regular cars. Naturally, a premium car is more special than a regular luxury car.

However, Tesla products fall into the category of luxury cars by automotive websites and magazines. As all the ratings and awards given to these cars are a testament to their luxury.

Although there is a fact that Tesla cars are in no way comparable to German luxury brands, it seems that Tesla wants to break many equations. In practice, Tesla has overtaken Audi as the fourth most expensive luxury brand in the US market! This result is based on statistics collected in 2020.

Although Tesla still lags behind the other three luxury brands in the United States, it is unlikely that it will surpass them in the near future as the company continues to grow.

Tesla surpassed Audi in the US market The fourth best selling Tesla surpassed Audi in the US market; The fourth best-selling brand among luxury cars 1

Tesla was able to sell more than 200,500 vehicles in the United States in 2020. While Audi sold only 183,600 units. In 2019, Tesla sold 50,000 fewer units in the United States than Audi! But the top three luxury brands in the US market last year were BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, respectively.

According to official media reports, BMW sold 287,259 units, Lexus 271,384 units and Mercedes-Benz 265,600 units in the United States.

In fact, according to statistics, Tesla is only 65,000 units behind Mercedes-Benz! This is at a time when Tesla is only making electric cars, and no doubt the situation would have changed completely if this brand, like Mercedes, had petrol and diesel cars in its sales portfolio.

It does not matter at all whether you believe in Tesla as a luxury brand or not! This American startup is getting bigger day by day and will soon be one of the leaders in the world car market.

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