Thailand receives more doses of Corona vaccine vials with AutoVacc robotic system

تایلند با سیستم رباتیک AutoVacc دوزهای بیشتری از ویال‌های واکسن کرونا می‌گیرد

Thai researchers have developed a robotic system that can produce 12 doses of vaccine in a single vial in 4 minutes. In conventional methods, 10 doses of vaccine are usually produced from each vial. In this case, with this system, we can hope to increase the production of vaccines by 20%.

In this case if the corona vaccine for one million people Be considered, This system with high accuracy in filling dose glasses can increase the number of doses to 1.2 million.

A vial is a small container used to store medicine. In vaccine production, the vial content is divided into the specified size for each dose.

According to researchers at Chulalongkorn University, the robotic system used at the university’s vaccination center is called “AutoVacc” and is currently designed to replenish doses of Astraznka vaccine. The prototype cost of the robotic system was $ 76,243.

Given that Thailand is at its worst in terms of coronary heart disease, speeding up vaccine production could be an important issue.

This system is currently only used for Astrazenka vaccine dose vials and is not yet available for other Corona vaccines. The head of the research team at the AutoVacc Biomedical Engineering Research Center at the AutoVacc Development University says the system is highly accurate and uses the contents of each vial to fill doses with high accuracy.

This solution can not only help the treatment staff speed up the vaccination, but also help more people to be vaccinated. Studies by Thai researchers are ongoing, and it remains to be seen when this robotic arm will be used to generate doses from other vaccines.

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