The 10-year release of the Call Of Duty series for PlayStation by Microsoft

The 10-year release of the Call Of Duty series for PlayStation by Microsoft

According to a new report published by the New York Times Microsoft At the beginning of this month, he gave a 10-year offer to Sony to release the Call of Duty game series on PlayStation consoles. This period is much longer than the previous agreement, which was 3 years, and the CEO of Sony Entertainment had a lot of criticism towards it.

It’s all part of Microsoft’s ongoing effort to convince regulators in the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom to grant the necessary permits to finalize Microsoft’s massive $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The European Union and UK supervisory bodies have recently expressed concern that the monopoly of the Call of Duty game series for Microsoft could create unfair economic advantages for the interests of this world software giant, mostly in the cloud games and paid subscription games.

Regulators in these areas also put deeper investigations on their agenda, and according to recent reports, the US Federal Trade Commission is investigating the deal with a team of 10 people, who have also interviewed Microsoft executives such as Satya Nadella and Brad Smith. . In addition, news sources say that the FTC has now asked other game companies to submit statements to the agency about possible concerns about the deal.

10 years of call of duty supply

Sony has also tried its best to stop this deal and they have claimed for several months that the Call of Duty game series is highly popular and irreplaceable, and Jim Ryan, head of Sony’s entertainment department, has stated that Microsoft is a large company and has a history of dominance and It has a monopoly on various computer industries.

Microsoft is also not sitting idle in this regard and Phil Spencer, the director of the gaming department of this company, in addition to proposing a 10-year release of Call of Duty, stated that it is impossible for him to sign a contract for the permanent release of the Call of Duty series of games on PlayStation. However, Spencer has confirmed that removing this gaming franchise from Sony consoles is not logical and he is even considering making this series available for Nintendo Switch.

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