The 147% capital increase of the first mobile was approved

افزایش سرمایه 147 درصدی همراه اول به تصویب رسید

The 147% increase in capital of Iran Mobile Communications Company was approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly. Accordingly, the capital of the first mobile company increased by 2800 billion Tomans from 1920 to 4720 billion Tomans.

The Extraordinary General Assembly of Iran Mobile Communications Company was held this morning, Sunday, July 18, with the presence of 91.3% of shareholders in Tehran’s Star Vanak Tower, which was broadcast live to shareholders due to the conditions of the corona era.

In this assembly, while reading the report of the board of directors and the legal inspector, the 147% increase of the capital of Iran Mobile Telecommunication Company was voted and approved so that the capital of the first mobile reaches 4720 billion Tomans.

According to the communiqué dated 12/26/2009 of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization on the subject of the approval of the National Headquarters for Corona Disease, which stipulates until further notice, holding general meetings of companies only if attended by a maximum of 15 individuals or It is possible to hold a lawsuit.

Therefore, in order to comply with the above-mentioned decree, before holding the ceremony, Hamrah Aval had advised the shareholders to refrain from attending the meeting and to watch the meeting online through Live.mci.ir.

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