The absence of Xbox, Nintendo and Sony at E3 2023 in June

The absence of Xbox, Nintendo and Sony at E3 2023 in June

According to reports published by IGN, with the first E3 exhibition in 4 years held in person, some of the biggest names in the industry That is, QVeni, Nintendo and Xbox will not be present. Historically, E3 has been the main source of news and information, advertising and introduction of new games, and the major publishers of the gaming industry have had an active presence in it in the past.

However, as reported in the latest news, it seems that this year’s ceremony, which is scheduled to be held on June 23, will not host big names in this industry such as Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox, and since these brands will not participate, news about Their new apps and games probably won’t be released at E3.

With the corona problem fading, and the situation returning to normal in many places, it is logical that after 4 years, companies are eager to participate in this exhibition, but apparently no clear reasons have been announced for the non-participation of these companies.

E3 presence of Sony Nintendo

However, if the last three or four years have constantly changed the view of game companies and companies towards participating in this exhibition, we should probably worry about the prosperity of this exhibition in the future, and this year’s event will also be less prosperous due to the non-participation of these major brands. be done or maybe we will see the withdrawal of more companies like in previous years.

In this regard, IGN has contacted the representatives of Sony, Xbox, Nintendo and the Software Entertainment Association to inform them of the absence of these companies, but at the time of writing this news has not yet received a response. However, ReedPop, the parent company of E3, stated in a statement that changes in The format of this year’s exhibition has been created, but not very precise details have been given in this regard. In any case, closer to the time of this ceremony in June, more detailed news will be released.

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