The anti-Facebook social network MeWe attracted 2.5 million new users in one week

The anti-Facebook social network MeWe attracted 2.5 million new users in one week

As cyberspace users debated the widespread data collection by some social networks, the MeWe social network became the top social networking app with 2.5 million new members registered last week.

Recently, movements have emerged against major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter that have pushed users away from these platforms. The relentless invasion of privacy, widespread surveillance, political bias, and manipulation of news feeds by these social networks have infuriated millions of users, resulting in them turning to alternative apps.

This provides a good opportunity for other social networking applications; The Los Angeles-based MeWe social network, for example, has been hailed for not displaying ads and is currently the most downloaded social network on Google Play and the store’s third-largest app.

Known as the anti-Facebook platform, the platform has given priority to user privacy and has attracted 2.5 million new members in the past week alone. Since the launch of this application in 2016 until October 2020, the number of its users has increased by 9 million, which has doubled in the last three years. The platform currently has 15.5 million members, 50% of whom are from outside North America.

The MeWe app has been translated into 20 languages ​​and is currently the top social network in Hong Kong. According to the company, the number of their members is constantly increasing because it respects users instead of looking at them as a mine of marketable data.

Users around the world are dissatisfied with the sharing of their data by platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp, and in the meantime, MeWe considers itself a new generation of social networks without displaying ads and without manipulating news feeds.

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