The App Store set a new record with $ 1.8 billion in revenue over the New Year holidays

The App Store set a new record with $ 1.8 billion in revenue over the New Year holidays

On the first day of the New Year (December 12), the Apple Store recorded the highest sales in one day with sales of $ 514 million. Between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, users spent $ 1.8 billion to buy Apple apps and services. Have.

In a recent report, Apple announced that it was selling Apple Apps and Apple services, including Apple Music, Apple News, Apple Books, Apple TV Plus, and the new Apple Fitness Plus app this year. It has been booming.

The Apple report also details sales of Apple apps and services through Apple Pay. More than 90 percent of US store sales, 85 percent of UK stores and almost 99 percent of retailers in Australia appear to be through Apple Pay.

Apple reported in its report that the highest sales volume is related to the gaming sector. However, other digital products and services have also been considered by users. The news comes as in-app purchases of Fortnite have been removed from the Apple Store.

Apple Box with more than 90 million active users and Apple Arcade with more than 140 game titles are very popular among users. Apple Podcast, on the other hand, is available in more than 100 languages ​​in more than 175 countries.

Apple has reportedly raised more than $ 200 billion in revenue since the store opened in 2008.

Such high sales have no bizarre reason other than users staying home during Corona quarantine. When users can no longer have other entertainment apps like in previous years, they go to the Apple Store and have fun with their online apps. Coronation and quarantine conditions on the eve of the New Year marked good days for Apple.

One of Apple’s financial backers is the services it provides to its users, and from their sales it can manage the ups and downs related to the sale of hardware products.

The increase in purchases in the Apple Store shows that the Cupertino residents have adopted a good strategy and have been able to earn good money from the sale of such services and products.

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