The appearance of green lines on the iPhone 14 Pro screen

The appearance of green lines on the iPhone 14 Pro screen

A number of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users claim that green and yellow horizontal lines appear on the screen during the phone startup process.

Users of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max on various social media say that when these devices are turned on, strange green horizontal lines flash on their screens. There is no clear reason why these lines appear. For now, it seems to appear Horizontal green and yellow lines It’s not all over the screen, but it should be followed up anyway.

Reddit is one of the social networks where dozens of iPhone 14 Pro users report that when they turn on the phone, one or more green and yellow lines flash across the screen and disappear after a few seconds. These users say that Apple support has informed them that the problem is not caused by a hardware defect and is simply a bug in iOS 16.

iOS 16.2 update bug

Based on what Reddit users are saying, the support forums believe that this problem was created after the iOS 16.2 update was released. However, considering that some users claim that this problem has occurred even in older versions of iOS 16, this theory does not seem to be true. A user on Reddit claims that an Apple engineer told him in a phone call that the iPhone maker is working on a new update to fix the problem, but the exact details are not known.

iPhone 14 Pro green line

Apple has already made iOS 16.3 available to developers and beta testers, but the update isn’t expected to roll out until early next year. The latest version of iOS 16 is also iOS 16.2, which includes several new features, including Apple Music Sing, Apple’s new Freeform app, and more.

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