The Apple Watch can help diagnose the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

The Apple Watch can help diagnose the symptoms of Parkinson's disease

Apple has always surprised its fans and users by making new changes to its products, including the Apple Watch. A new study shows that the Apple Watch can be used to monitor the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Researchers at Apple, in collaboration with experts treating Parkinson’s disease, have developed a system that uses the Apple Watch to detect movement symptoms that are a hallmark of the neurological disease. Specify. In fact, with this system, they can monitor the person’s vibrations at rest or other involuntary movements and identify a specific pattern of drug effects.

The new system, called the Parkinson’s Disease Monitor (MM4PD), uses Apple Watch accelerometer and gyroscope data to detect vibration or dyskinesia. Vibration at rest, which can affect the arms, legs and other parts of the body, is a common symptom of Parkinson’s. Dyskinesia is another type of involuntary movement that can be caused by the side effects of medications used to treat the disease.

The basic algorithms of this model were built using data from an experimental study of 118 people, in which researchers matched their smartwatch data with a scoring system called MDS-UPDRS Part III, on which Parkinson’s movement symptoms are measured.

Following this experimental study, researchers tracked 225 people with Parkinson’s disease for up to six months. Then, with the help of doctors, they used measurement data to profile the symptoms.

In fact, they considered the use of this system more widely as a support tool. According to them, these measurements have helped to identify forgotten symptoms in the process of regular care and changes in people after surgery to deeply stimulate the brain.

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