The Apple Watch Series 7 uses the same chip as the Apple Watch Series 6

اپل واچ سری ۷ از همان تراشه اپل واچ سری ۶ استفاده می‌کند

The Apple Watch 7 Series was introduced last night with a larger display and less bezels, but contrary to all rumors, it did not have a new design and flat edges. In addition, it seems that the processor of this smartwatch has not changed compared to the Apple Watch 6 Series.

There was no word on the power of the Apple Watch 7 Series at the California Streaming event. The company usually announced that its devices are faster and consume less energy than the previous generation, but last night nothing was said about it. Also, if you go to the Apple website, you will see that there is no specific information about the Apple Watch 7 chip.

Now a developer called «Steve Trouton-SmithAccording to the latest version of Xcode, it has been confirmed that the Apple Watch Series 7 actually uses the same processors as the Apple Watch Series 6. The two smartwatches use the t8301 processor, codenamed Apple’s S6 chipset. Given that the passwords and numbers of both processors are the same, it is unlikely that there will be any specific hardware differences in the CPU components of the two devices.

This is not the first time Apple has used a duplicate processor on two devices. However, this time Apple apparently did not make any changes to the Apple Watch 6 CPU and transferred the same chip to the Apple Watch 7. The use of duplicate chips in the Apple Watch 7 Series could be another sign that Apple has changed its mind about the new generation of its smartwatch in recent days. Probably for this reason, the device that was previously seen with flat edges in the reports was not introduced at last night’s ceremony.

In addition, the iPhone 13 and iPad mini will be released in the next 6 weeks, but the Apple Watch 7 Series will be launched on an unknown date in the following year. Unfortunately, no more information is available about this device at this time.

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