The Armv9 architecture was introduced with a focus on security and artificial intelligence

The Armv9 architecture was introduced with a focus on security and artificial intelligence

ARM chips are used in a variety of products, from smartphones to laptops, and even some cloud servers are equipped with such chips. Now the company has a new architecture called Armv9 architecture Unveiled Which focuses on security, AI processing and computing power.

The company unveiled the Armv8 architecture in 2011, so almost a decade after the new ARM architecture was introduced.

Armv9’s first major security enhancement. Armv9 uses a Confidential Computing (CCA) architecture whose job is to protect sensitive data in a secure, hardware-based environment. This is done by creating “Realms” that protect important data and code from other parts of the system.

The next improvement is related to artificial intelligence processing. The Armv9 architecture has a “Scalable Vector Plugin 2” (SVE2) designed to aid in machine learning processes and digital signal processing. This feature works in various areas from 5G systems to virtual reality and augmented reality.

In addition, SVE2 technology can speed up machine-based tasks such as image processing or voice recognition. These features and the focus on artificial intelligence have led Nvidia to buy ARM for nearly $ 40 billion.

Along with such improvements, ARM has announced that overall device performance will increase with Armv9. CPU performance is expected to improve by more than 30% in the next two generations, which will increase with software and hardware optimizations.

One of the important things about new hardware is the ability to run old software. According to ARM, all available software runs on Armv9-based processors without any problems.

Despite the introduction of the Armv9 architecture, we have to wait several months for it to enter consumer products. According to ARM, Armv9-based silicones will be available by the end of this year.

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