The avatar of a 21-year-old woman was sexually assaulted on a meta-virtual reality platform

آواتار زنی 21 ساله قربانی تعرض جنسی در پلتفرم واقعیت مجازی متا شد

متاورسA hot topic these days in the world of technology, apparently in addition to entertainment, can also be dangerous for users because now a 21-year-old researcher says his avatar on the meta virtual reality platform called «Horizon Worlds(Horizon Worlds) has been sexually assaulted by several male avatars.

Metavars is rapidly evolving, and some see the future for virtual worlds, but on the other hand, experts and even politicians are concerned about its security. For example, the UAE Minister of Artificial Intelligence said at the Davos summit that international rules should be sought for Metavars and even Murder In these virtual worlds, it must be considered a real crime.

Apparently, these concerns are not in vain, and companies should focus more on the security of this space. Although Meta has previously said that creating a forced gap between avatars to keep users safe in Metavars, a 21-year-old woman has now been sexually assaulted on the company’s virtual reality platform.

Sexual assault on the avatar of a 21-year-old woman in Metavars

One 21-year-old researcher Who works for the group SumOfUs, has announced that his avatar in the world of meta virtual reality, Horizon Worlds, has been sexually assaulted. Currently available only to users in the US and Canada, Horizon Worlds offers you the experience of living in a virtual world.

SumOfUs’s campaign manager, WikiWait Talk to the BBC It is said that attacks in the virtual world can be extremely harmful:

“Even though it happened in the virtual world, it still matters. “It still has a real impact on users.”

According to Ms. White, the sexually assaulted researcher was both shocked and thought that his body was not real and that his avatar had been attacked. However, he knew it was an important event for the investigation and he had to record it.

According to the BBC, which watched part of the video, the two male avatars were in the same room as the female avatars. Although this video is from the point of view of a female researcher, it is clear that one of these avatars sees the situation and the second avatar is very close to the female avatar.

The SumOfUs group says such a thing with a small group of Shareholders He asked them to investigate the risk of the human rights impact of Metavars by the company. According to White, Meta should take action now and deal with such a problem:

“Let’s not repeat such behaviors in Metavars. “We need a better plan to reduce online harm in Metavars.”

Horizon Worlds meta-platform

Despite such requests and criticisms, Meta says that the system defaultprivacyCreates a distance of 1.2 meters between users’ avatars and people who are not on their friends list. In this system, if people reach privacy, it stops moving their avatar forward. However, according to Ms. White, the group’s researcher was encouraged to disable privacy.

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