The biggest break in Apple history; Learn about 9 failed products

بزرگ‌ترین شکست‌های تاریخ اپل؛ با 9 محصول ناکام آشنا شوید

If you equate success with creating a lot of money, introducing a world-famous brand and building millions of fans, few can Apple success To oppose. But every successful company has definitely had its ups and downs. So just as it is important to celebrate success, we must always look at failures. In this article, we want to review the biggest unsuccessful Apple products.

Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, said in an interview at Oxford University that the company’s success in Ability to change and identify mistakes Is. Because every failure teaches us what steps we have taken wrong, and without these failed experiences we can not produce successful products like iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

“You have to be willing to look in the mirror and say I was wrong, that’s not the right way,” says Tim Cook. Apparently Steve Jobs matters Rational honesty Had taught Cook; No matter how much you care about one thing, you should always accept new data and use it in different situations.

“Of all the people I’ve known in my life, Steve,” says Apple CEO [جابز] He was the one who could be the biggest fan of an idea, and within minutes or days if he received new information, he would change his mind as if he had never thought of the previous idea. […] He was an expert at doing this. At first I thought it was quirky! But later I realized the beauty of this approach. Because he did not have a problem and he was not like many people who say that I should continue on the same path out of pride. “So be rationally honest with yourself and have the courage to change.”

In the following, without any particular priority, we will see the products that Apple turned away from.

Apple AirPower

  • Supply: Never offered
  • Stop: March 2019
  • Sales: Never sold

Apple first unveiled the product in 2017 alongside the iPhone X. Fans then over 550 days They waited for the release, but in the end the product did not come to market. The Cupertinos finally announced in March 2019 that AirPower was closed because it failed to meet the company’s high standards.

When wireless charging was introduced as one of the features of the iPhone X, the Cupertinoites said that the device would be launched in 2018. AirPower was supposed to be able to Three devices Charge your Apple Watch, AirPad and iPhone at the same time. Apple even posted promotional images of the product on its website, but the device was never released.

Until the announcement of the cessation of production of AirPower, there were several rumors about various problems of this device, including Excess heat production Could be heard. However, Apple has never officially announced what problem has prevented the production of this product.

Apple Pipin

Apple Pipin
  • Release: 1995
  • Stop: 1997
  • Sales: 42,000

Timing is very important in launching a product. Game console Apple Pipin was launched in an awkward position and prevented the company from entering the gaming world. This console was designed by the Cupertinoites, but was produced by Bandai Was deposited. Pipin had a 66MHz PowerPC 603 processor, a 14.4kbps modem, and a simpler version of the Mac OS.

This device was introduced as a computer and its price $ 599 But as a product that was practically a console, it was too expensive. Apple Pipin was released in 1995 in Japan and 1996 in the United States. This device is on the market with play Station Sony and Nintendo 64 They were faced with dominating the industry. Pipin eventually became obsolete due to high prices and not-so-strong hardware.

Apple TAM (or Macintosh 20)

Apple TAM
  • Released: March 1997
  • Stop: March 1998
  • Sales: 11,600

Apple celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Macintosh in 1997 with the production of a computer called TAM, which stands for Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. Most users almost expected this device to sell well. But in reality this did not happen.

Apple priced this product at a very high release time around $ 7,500 Considered and despite the fact that after a year the price up $ 1995 It came down, but there was no choice but to scrap TAM. If we want to make a comparison in this price range, despite the inflation, we can now get a 21.5-inch ike with 4K Retina display for $ 1,299.

Apple USB Mouse (Hockey Puck)

Apple USB mouse
  • Release: 1998
  • Stop: 2000

These days, Apple is proud to say that its devices offer the best looks and performance, but this golden combination has not always existed. The Hockey Puck mouse was a prime example of this in 1998 with ک‌کک G G3 Released. This device did not perform well and did not have a good design.

The circular design of this mouse made it easy to use. More importantly, having just one button on the Hockey Puch will appeal to many users Confused did. So many of these mice were discarded by buyers, and it is estimated that 0.5% of the world’s garbage is made up of Apple USB mice. However, this claim is not provable.

Mac Portable

Mac Portable
  • Release: 1989
  • Stop: 1990

The Mac Portable was supposed to be a computer Portable But he did not live up to his promise. This device weighs 7.2 kg At a huge price $ 6500 It was released and of course it had a poor design. Perhaps the strangest feature of the Mac Portable was its non-rechargeable battery, which turned the device into a useless piece of rock when it ran out of energy.

As a result, the computer did not last long in its original form, and after about a year was replaced by another version, which became obsolete in 1991.

Mac G4 Cube

Apple Mac G4 Cube
  • Release: 2000
  • Stop: 2001

The failure of the Apple Cube for several reasons including Price Top, Designing Unusual and inability to Upgrade Internal components occurred. The device was launched in 2000 and failed almost from day one. “This device was very important to us, we made this product with a lot of love and we used extraordinary engineering in it,” Cook said in an interview with Oxford University.

However, the Mac G4 Cube never found its audience and was scrapped a year later. Today, the Mac Pro and Mac Mini have replaced this device.

IPod Hi-Fi

IPod Hi-Fi
  • Released: February 2006
  • Stop: September 2007

sound Not so high quality This iPod was not the biggest cause of failure due to its price. Apple in Designing The product was faulty and only a 30-pin connector allowed you to connect regular iPods to this speaker. As a result, first-generation iPod owners could not use the device.

The iPod Hi-Fi remote had limited functionality and no radio. Apple in 2006 priced this device پ 350 And the reluctance of the audience forced the Cupertinoites to abandon the idea. The company introduced the homepad years later, which had relatively good changes.

Apple QuickTake 200 camera

Apple QuickTake 200
  • Release: 1994
  • Stop: 1997

QuickTake 200 camera feature زوم Did not and can not on the subject focus It was slow, but it involved a lot of creativity and was one of the first digital cameras to be connected to the company’s computers. This device, along with Newton, was one of the many products produced by Steve Jobs It was scrapped to make the company’s product line freer. Apple now offers the best cameras in its smartphones.

Apple Newton

Apple Newton
  • Release: 1993
  • Stop: 1998

Newton was a pioneering product that came to market many years earlier than the iPad and iPhone as a type of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Came to market but was not welcomed by users. The software on the device to detect handwriting was not as good as expected. Apple made many claims about Newton and raised expectations, and competitors took advantage of this to take control of the market.

Newton from proprietary operating system Newton OS It used to be designed by Apple. The company had apparently opened a large account on this device. John Scully, the company’s former CEO, had previously said in an interview that they were about $ 100 million They had invested in Newton’s development. But as we said, performance problems and high prices prevented this device from entering the mainstream market.

Apple tried to sell the product for a few years, but without much success, and the company eventually scrapped the product a year after the return of Steve Jobs, five years after Newton was released. However, the idea did not go unnoticed by the Cupertinos, and nine years later Apple began producing its next personal digital assistant. Iphone Made.

What do you think about these products and what do you think is missing?

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