The Bill Gates Foundation once again supported the malaria eradication project with funding

The Bill Gates Foundation once again supported the malaria eradication project with funding

Biotechnology company Axitech in a project aimed at eradicating mosquitoes that can transmit diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. Has decided To release hundreds of millions of genetically engineered mosquitoes across the city of Florida. The Bill Gates Foundation has funded the company and the projects they undertake.

The Bill Gates Foundation co-founded the company and in 2018 donated $ 4.1 million to this particular project to help reduce malaria in North and South America, South Asia and East Africa. Female mosquitoes feed on human and animal blood to provide the nutrients needed for spawning, while male mosquitoes do not need these substances and do not bite.

For this reason, in this project, the genetics of the mosquitoes are genetically engineered with the help of genetic engineering so that they can only produce male larvae. This project can be a great way to control malaria and save hundreds of thousands of lives a year, but it can also fail and cause more disease and environmental problems.

Gates has long sought to eradicate malaria. His charity has been devoting a lot of money to the malaria vaccine for years, and has been conducting research since 2016 to breed mosquitoes that can be genetically engineered to eradicate the disease. Of course, this research started a year after the release of the company’s mosquitoes in Brazil.

Bill Gates has long been under pressure from baseless conspiracy theories, when in fact he has done a lot of humanitarian aid. However, he recently said in a debate that the United States should not make the Covid-19 vaccine formula available to the world’s poorest nations, and it has been widely criticized.

Many critics have argued that the Exitek project has scientific problems and that its safety tests have not been adequately performed. There is no evidence that malaria is declining or even causing new environmental problems in Florida, and the local Florida community and environmental activists are still strongly opposed to such a large-scale project.

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