The Bitcoin ATM was launched at Wilson International Airport in the United States

دستگاه خودپرداز بیت کوین در فرودگاه بین‌المللی ویلسون آمریکا راه‌اندازی شد

The city of Wilson in the state of North Dakota, USA, is taking a step towards accepting the digital currency industry by installing a Ramzarz ATM at the International Airport, which will allow citizens to make transactions with 40 Ramzarz.

City administration formally installs government-hosted Ramzarz kiosk at Wilson International Airport approved Which provides the possibility of buying and selling 40 ciphers for travelers and citizens. Currencies supported by this device include Bitcoin, Atrium, Dojcoin and Sheiba Ino.

The city of Wilson has partnered with the Coin Cloud encryption service, which has provided its cryptographic machines (DCMs) to the city. According to the company, DCM is “more than a bitcoin ATM” because it allows users to buy and sell 40 other currencies in addition to Bitcoin. According to Coin Cloud, older Bitcoin ATMs can’t do all this.

Hercules Cummings, Wilson City’s chief financial officer, told Quintel Telegraph that the effort was likely to be the first of its kind to be installed at cryptocurrencies at US airports. He also predicts that doing so will increase the volume of encrypted payments in the city.

After welcoming the kiosks installed at the airport, the official noted that the next step for the city of Wilson is to place a Ramzar ATM in the main hall of the city. Although the city supports password encryption, it does not manage any transactions. In fact, Coin Cloud, the operator of DCM devices, manages the transactions.

Cummings went on to say that the main purpose of using DCM is to increase public curiosity about accepting this growing asset, and that such simple but large moves can lead to it. Finally, he announced that citizens can also pay their utility bills with Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Rapid Bitcoin, Dodge Coin, Light Coin and five Stable Coins connected in dollars such as Binance USD or USD Coin.

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