The Boring ultra-fast underground transportation system transports the first passengers

 سیستم حمل و نقل فوق سریع زیرزمینی بورینگ اولین مسافران را جابه‌جا می‌کند

Boring’s ultra-fast underground transportation system began operations about two years after the project was approved and one year after construction was completed to transport its first passengers to Las Vegas.

This transportation system moves conference attendees between underground stations and it is expected The first part of the transportation network is expanding throughout the city. In this system, two one-way routes are designed to move passengers to three stations at a depth of 12 meters below the ground.

The entire 2.7 km route of this tunnel can be completed in less than two minutes. Tesla electric vehicles with a driver are planned for this route, which according to the Fast company, the speed of these vehicles is about 64 kilometers per hour.

Those familiar with Boring’s plans will probably know that this project is very different from Ilan Mask’s plans when the company was founded five years ago. At that time, according to Mask plans, it was thought that before transporting passengers in underground tunnels, cars would be transported by elevator to the underground level and their travel would be much faster. The company’s website also states that these cars can travel at speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour.

Ilan Mask

Although the company’s first commercial operation may be disappointing compared to its previous plans, the tunnel can now carry 4,400 passengers per hour, and there are extensive plans to improve the system, including building stations. New is on the way.

The project is now known as the “Vegas Ring” and, according to the developer, will likely include 43 separate stations in the future, carrying 51,000 passengers per hour.

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