The Buds Pro Pixel was unveiled with active noise removal and an 11-hour charge

پیکسل بادز پرو با حذف نویز فعال و شارژدهی 11 ساعته رونمایی شد

Google unveiled its new generation AirBad tonight at the 2022 Developers Conference. This device has new and advanced capabilities including Active Noise Removal (ANC) Equipped and hence the name Pixel Winds Pro Uses.

The people of Mountain View introduced the Pixel Buds a few years ago and have been developing and optimizing this device during this time. An airbag called the Pixel Buds Pro has been unveiled tonight, a new member of the compatible headphone family Google Voice Assistant Is. Access to the assistant will be possible without touching the phones Simultaneous translation into 40 languages Available to users.

In addition, this is Google’s first airbag with ANC support, which allows the user to eliminate ambient noise. This feature has been optimized by the company’s own audio engineers. Of course features Sound passage It is also intended in this device so that a person can easily hear the sound of his surroundings if needed.

Dedicated six-core processor in Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel Winds Pro

Pixel Buds Pro from one Dedicated processor with six cores It uses Google algorithms and delivers sound to the user through the company’s custom drivers. Another feature called Volume EQ When changing the volume, corrects the lower, middle, and middle sounds to achieve a balanced sound profile. For example, the device can keep the middle and bottom sounds at a reasonable level when the bass volume is increased.

Touch controls on the Pixel Buds Pro let you play / pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and enable or disable active noise cancellation. This device is standard IPX4 It is resistant to moisture, so you do not have to worry about sweating while exercising.

Google Pixel Winds Pro

Google knows that each person’s ear shape is unique, so it is not possible to achieve precise isolation to prevent sound from entering. So the company uses a tool called Silent Seal Optimizes the noise-canceling performance of the Buds Pro as much as possible. The airbag can also monitor the pressure inside the ear and make the user feel better by passing air if needed. Bads Pro in the future through a software update to the feature Spatial Audio Will also be equipped.

Google Pixel Winds Pro

The new generation of Google Airbags supports easy portability between two Bluetooth devices. It is said that the battery life of this product is normal 11 hours And by activating active noise cancellation 7 hours Is. This increase would normally be approximately twice the battery life of the 2020 Pixel Buds. The charger case can, too 13 hours Provide extra charge to the user. In addition, one hour of charging can be achieved with a five-minute charge.

Pixel Bads Pro from July 7 with the price $ 199 Comes to market.

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