The CEO of Club House denied the hacking and disclosure of users’ information

Everything you need to know about Clubhouse, an app that came to the fore thanks to Ilan Mask

The CEO of Club House, in response to the news of the hacking of this social network, said that the claim of the report that was published yesterday is false. The “Cyber ​​News” website announced yesterday that 1.3 million Club House users had been released.

Clubhouse did not immediately respond to reports of leaks to the social network yesterday. But “Paul Davison”, the CEO of this social network, told reporters a few hours ago Announced Their platform has not been compromised. Asked if the club house had been hacked, he said: “No, this is misleading and wrong news. Report released to attract audience, we are not hacked. The information mentioned is the general profile information of our application users. “So the answer to your question is a definite ‘no’.”

The Cyber ​​News website claimed that information such as ID, name, Instagram page address, Twitter page address, number of followers and profile picture of Club House users was published in a hacking forum. However, it was clear from the outset that this information was nothing more than public user profile information, and that hackers had not infiltrated the social network’s databases.

The report was released yesterday in a situation where the information of 500 million users of LinkedIn social network was recently published. Of course, the Microsoft company also said that there is no private information of users in this leaked database. Earlier, the information of 533 million users of the social network Facebook was published for free. Of course, the hack contains sensitive information such as phone number, date of birth, location, email address and full name of the person.

Club House

Despite all the popularity of Club House in the first year of its existence for this social network, it is obvious that the company will face such misfortunes. They are now serious competitors of many large social networks and many are trying to replace the Club House by implementing the capabilities of this platform.

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