The Chinese lunar probe uses equipment from European countries

The Chinese lunar probe uses equipment from European countries

Launched to the moon in 2024, the Chinese lunar probe will use equipment made in France, Sweden, Russia and Italy. The mission will be to collect samples from the moon and bring them back to Earth.

The official Chinese government news agency, in a report Says The Changhai 6 mission lands near the moon’s south pole and collects samples from its surface. Hu Hao, the mission’s chief engineer, told a news conference that the second samples of the moon would be returned to Earth for further research.

Changhai landers are part of China’s space exploration program, which is also used to land the country’s rover. China announced two days ago in a news release that their astronaut’s name is “Jurong”, which is inspired by the name of the goddess of fire in ancient Chinese mythology. Other Chinese space goals include building a station in lunar orbit, sending humans to Earth, and sampling an asteroid.

A previous Chinese probe, Changhai 5, landed a sample of lunar soil for the first time since the late 1970s. Hu Hao told a news conference that Changhai 6’s goal now is to automatically collect lunar surface samples for comprehensive analysis.

The lander is supposed to carry equipment made by French, Swedish, Italian and Russian scientists. However, we do not yet know what these devices are for. This news is important because China used to have a military and secret approach in its space program, but now it is looking for more cooperation with other countries. It plans to build a space base on the moon in the future in cooperation with Russia.

China is continuing its space activities with Changhai-7 to gather information about the resources available around the site where the base is likely to be built. Then it’s time for Changhai-8 to test the technologies that are supposed to power the base.

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