The Chinese Mars drone was introduced with a look very similar to NASA’s “genius”

پهپاد مریخی چین با ظاهری کاملا شبیه به «نبوغ» ناسا معرفی شد

China National Space Science Center is designing an aerial drone that bears a striking resemblance to NASA’s genius Martian helicopter. This flexible four-legged drone has two engines mounted on top of each other and has a simple body. It must be said that this is exactly the copy of NASA’s Martian helicopter.

This center in Press release He announced that the device is called the “Mars cruise drone” and will probably be in the next stage of production and development. Eventually, the Chinese drone will fly to Mars, and will continue to explore different parts of the planet as part of China’s exploration of Mars. To do so, the drone takes a spectrometer with it to Mars for aerial surveys and to study the geography of Mars.


A SpaceNews reporter responded to the news on Twitter by saying that the drone was in fact something against “genius”. While this design is an exact imitation of NASA’s design, China’s space activities should not be underestimated. The country has made rapid progress in this area and will soon overtake other competitors in the industry.

China has already sent robots to the moon and Mars and is now building an independent space station in Earth orbit. In addition, China plans to send a manned mission to Mars in 2033. It also plans to build a very large spacecraft that will last several kilometers. China plans to connect the various parts of such a spacecraft in Earth orbit and send it to its intended destination.

It should be noted that China is not the only country that imitates in the space industry. Russia also introduced its space shuttle, the Buran, which never went into space. It also recently introduced a reusable rocket design that is quite similar to the Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket.

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