The Chinese military uses artificial intelligence to investigate an unidentified flying object

ارتش چین برای تحقیق درباره شیء ناشناخته پرنده از هوش مصنوعی کمک می‌گیرد

As the Pentagon prepares its report on an unidentified flying object (UFO) later this month, Chinese military researchers are turning to artificial intelligence to track and analyze the unknown phenomenon in Chinese airspace.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is scrutinizing a program it refers to as “unidentified air conditions,” according to the Hong Kong-based English-language publication. The Chinese military app appears to be a similar version of the U.S. military’s “unidentified aerial phenomena” program, which aims to collect reports of unexplained aerial observations, sometimes referred to as UFOs. Called.

Chinese researchers also confirm that reports from China are on the rise, but believe that foreigners are not responsible for them.

“The recurrence of unknown weather conditions in recent years poses severe challenges to our country’s air defense security,” said Chen Li, a researcher at China Air Force Veteran Academy in 2019, as reported by the publication. »

One of the salient differences between China and the United States seems to be the use of artificial intelligence to identify and study unknown phenomena.

Lee states that artificial intelligence can process various temporal and spatial information and help scientists to evaluate such phenomena beyond the usual methods. Such an approach would help the Chinese military to examine these issues more quickly and accurately, and to answer the question of whether UFOs or unidentified flying objects are a natural phenomenon or something beyond that.

Although this raises the possibility of more speculation about aliens, many Chinese scientists and officials believe that most UFO-related activity is man-made or occurs naturally. However, their counterparts in the United States are obsessed with the idea that they probably belong to aliens.

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