The Chinese Yitian 710 processor beat Intel and AMD processors in the benchmark!

پردازنده چینی Yitian 710 در بنچمارک پردازنده‌های اینتل و AMD را شکست داد!

One of the processors produced in China named Yitian 710 which is based on the ARM architecture, has been able to beat the two giants of the world’s processor manufacturers, Intel and AMD, to achieve the highest rank in integer-based calculations.

One of Alibaba’s subsidiaries called “T-Head” unveiled a 128-core Yitian 710 processor some time ago; A processor produced with TSMC’s N5 lithography 60 billion transistors has it. But now SPEC CPU2017 benchmark results This released product puts it above Intel and AMD products.

Specifications and performance of the Chinese Yitian 710 processor

Chinese data center chip of 128 Arm v9 cores with frequency 3.20 GHz Each core has 1 MB of L2 cache memory and the total L3 cache is 128 MB. This SoC also uses 8 channels of DDR5-4800 memory which can deliver a bandwidth of 307.2 GB/s. We are also faced with 96 PCIe 5.0 lanes for high performance SSD memory.

This chip is exclusively provided by the service Alibaba Cloud It is developed and used in Panjiu servers for Yitian 710. Although the chip can be used for general tasks and artificial intelligence, the latest benchmark is for integer-based computing.

Alibaba’s test server is based on a 128-core Yitian 710 processor clocked at 2.75 GHz, with 512 GB of DDR5-4800 RAM (eight 64 GB modules). Other specifications include Anolis OS 8.6 operating system on SSD memory with a capacity of 240 GB.

The score of the Chinese Yitian 710 processor in this benchmark is 510 Or 3.948 per core, which, although we are not facing the highest performance, is 15% higher than AMD’s 64-core EPYC 7773X processor with a score 440 Is. The 36-core Intel Xeon Platinum 8351N processor also scores in this benchmark 266 has obtained

Unfortunately, Alibaba has not published other benchmark results of its processor, which could be the reason for its failure from competing processors. However, China seems to be making rapid progress in processor manufacturing.

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