The claim of the Minister of Communications: overnight membership of 17 million users on the internal platform!

The claim of the Minister of Communications overnight membership of The claim of the Minister of Communications: overnight membership of 17 million users on the internal platform! 1

Issa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, has claimed in his latest statement that 17 million users have become members of a domestic platform in just one day.

Zarepour went to Baharestan Square this morning to answer the questions of the members of the Islamic Council and made interesting statements in this presence. Regarding the measures taken to improve messengers and internal networks, he said:

In this context, a special working group has been set up for the development of internal messaging services. Our goal is to improve internal messengers so that when people use them, they feel no different than external messengers. In these two months, every day, I monitored the progress of internal platforms and used all my capacities to see the strengthening of internal platforms so that people would prefer to use them. With the support provided, good features have been added to the internal platforms and today we open each of these platforms, many people have joined them, this shows the trust of the people in the internal platforms.

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17 million presence on one domestic platform – our red line privacy!

In his statement, the Minister of Communications said that we saw 17 million users in one day on a domestic platform, which is a record in the country’s history. In continuation of his strange claim, he said that now 60% of consumption traffic is allocated to the domestic sector and for the first time domestic production traffic has doubled. He considered these statistics as a sign of people’s trust in domestic platforms and said that he was looking for new features to make people more welcome to domestic platforms.

Isa Zarepour

Issa Zarepour announced in his speech in the parliament that people’s privacy on internal platforms is our red line and no one has the right to access people’s information on these platforms. Referring to the regulations of the head of the judiciary for the protection of people’s privacy on platforms, he said:

According to this regulation, people’s information on internal platforms is subject to Article 25 of the Constitution and no one has the right to access them. Of course, we have witnessed a legal gap to protect people’s data, and the Ministry of Communications has introduced a bill to protect privacy and personal data on platforms. The interior will soon be submitted to the Islamic Council and it is expected to become a law with the condition of urgency.

In the end, Zarepour announced that in order to support businesses, a license has been issued for those businesses that enter domestic platforms, and regarding taxes, businesses that do not have a tax history will be exempted from tax on domestic platforms for up to two years. A series of support measures for internet businesses are foreseen in domestic platforms.

Sabaghian: Mr. Minister of Communications, you are crushing people’s nerves

Sabaghian, the representative of Bafiq and Mehriz in the parliament, in the public meeting and after Zarepour’s statements, addressed him and told him that several people were calling him during his talks, and the phone conversation was constantly interrupted. This MP said: Minister of Communications, you are crushing people’s nerves, at least don’t take phone calls from people.

Mojtabi Rezakhah, the representative of Tehran, who asked questions to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology about the reason for the sharp decrease in Internet speed in recent months and the measures taken to develop the national information network, was satisfied with his answers and said that “provided that Mr. I am satisfied that the minister will solve the problems of businesses within three months and in fact provide the conditions to facilitate the activities of domestic businesses in social networks and domestic messengers while strengthening the national information network.

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