The claim of the Secretary of the National Security Council; It is possible to disconnect the internet during the national exam!

The claim of the Secretary of the National Security Council;  It is possible to disconnect the internet during the national exam!

Seyed Majid Mirahmadi, the secretary of the National Security Council, announced that if it is concluded that the Internet will be cut off during the exam, the National Security Council will implement it. This issue is raised while last few weeks, the Minister of Communications announced that the internet will not be interrupted during the final exams and the national entrance exam.

The Secretary of the National Security Council announced in the meeting to determine the executive and protective aspects of the second round of the 1402 national entrance exam that the national entrance exam is an important and decisive test for candidates and their families. He said that millions of people in the cities and villages of Iran are worried about the national exam. He emphasized that “quality”, “health”, “discipline” and “security” of the test event are indicators of the system’s efficiency.

If the Islamic Republic of Iran organizes this event with safety and health, the effect of the country’s security and law enforcement efficiency and capability will increase. On the other hand, if there is a problem in holding this event, the strength of the country’s social system will decrease. He added that the health of the national entrance exam is important and all government agencies should use all their efforts in the perfect implementation of this exam. This is a mandatory and irrevocable task. “Mira Ahmadi” claimed that the special instructions of the Minister of Science and the Assessment Organization for holding the national entrance exam were welcomed and these instructions made last year’s entrance exam to be held without fraud and in a safe manner.

Internet cut off in the national entrance exam

Interruption or non-interruption of the Internet during the exam; The problem is this!

He announced that plans to increase the health level of the national entrance exam will be reviewed by the country’s security council. He said that one of these plans is to cut off or not cut off the internet during the exam. He emphasized that if there is a concern for the security of the exam, the Security Council has the duty to apply decisions to restrict the internet during the exam. “Mira Ahmadi” pointed out that if the officials of the Security Council reach a single result, they will welcome the plan to cut off the Internet during the national exam.

This issue is raised while “Isa Zarepour”, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, announced that the country’s internet will no longer be cut off during exams. But he pointed out that some decisions to increase the security of entrance exams or final exams are provided by other institutions and not everything is under the control of the ministry.

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