The co-founder of Atrium is leaving the cryptocurrency market for security reasons

هم‌بنیانگذار اتریوم بنابر دلایل امنیتی بازار رمزارزها را ترک می‌کند

Atrium co-founder of Di Atrio intends to sell its stake in the blockchain company Decentral for personal security reasons and to work in other areas that solve the world’s problems, and to withdraw from the market and all cryptocurrency activities. . He believes that the current society does not have the capacity to accept cryptocurrencies in the current situation.

Yurio is one of the eight founders of Atrium, who says he works with the world of cryptocurrencies Finished And now he is more concerned with his own personal security. Di Yurio, now 48, has been traveling or attending business meetings with his bodyguard team since 2017. These bodyguards take care of his safety.

Yurio has now decided to sell Descentral and do charity work. Atrium co-founder will also work on companies unrelated to the world of cryptocurrencies. He will also cut ties with current startups and has no plans to fund blockchain projects.

“You are not willing to disclose your cryptocurrencies and net worth in this area,” said Di Yurio.

“This area is a bit dangerous and I am not very keen on it and I do not feel safe in this space. “If I had focused on bigger problems, I would have been more secure.”

Di Yurio started its cryptocurrency business in 2013, and Atrium now has a market value of about $ 225 billion. In 2018, he bought one of the largest and most expensive penthouses in Canada for $ 22 million and paid part of the cost with cryptocurrencies. For a time, he served as chief executive officer of the cryptocurrencies department at the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Di Yurio says:

“I want to be diverse, not just in the realm of cryptocurrencies. “I want to be someone who solves complex problems.”

He apparently plans to work with a high school friend who is developing a green car to reduce air pollution. He is also consulting with a Paraguayan senator. “If necessary, I will be present in Ramzarz market, but most of the time this will not happen,” he added. “This accounts for a very low percentage of the world’s needs.”

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