The conflict between employees of the Foxconn iPhone factory and the police over mismanagement and severe quarantine

The conflict between employees of the Foxconn iPhone factory and the police over mismanagement and severe quarantine

Recently in the newest There have been reports of violent clashes between Foxconn iPhone factory workers and the police. In this regard, the workers have stated that the promised bonuses have not been paid and due to the corona virus quarantines, there is insufficient food and medical supplies for the locked workers inside this production complex.

Employees of the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou criticized the company’s performance regarding the correct separation of employees infected with Corona and also admitted that the company failed in this case. The problem began when the outbreak of Covid-19 at Foxconn’s biggest iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou escalated, and at the time the company claimed the situation was under control, although that meant the company was considering strict quarantines.

It wasn’t long before the workers reported that the infection was still spreading and that there wasn’t enough food and medicine available. In this regard, a significant number of employees of this factory decided to leave it, and the videos of their collective exit were also published on the Internet. Foxconn initially offered bonuses to convince the group’s workers to stay, and then if the workers were not satisfied, the Chinese company increased the bonuses 10 times.

After all this, Covid-19 was still spreading and stricter quarantines were applied in this regard. In a rare move, Apple warned that production of the iPhone 14 Pro would be limited as a result of the disruption, and Foxconn warned that revenue growth would reverse. The newly released video shows a fight between Foxconn employees and people dressed in white Gives. Some reports have identified the white-clad men in the video as the security team at the Foxconn factory, while others have claimed they are the police.

Foxconn factory conflict

At the same time, it is also said that the anti-riot and armed police have also been sent to the place of this incident. In one clip, Foxconn factory workers physically clashed with a person lying on the ground, while other clips showed a police car surrounded by protesters. Another clip shows the injured in an ambulance.

Foxconn said it was working with workers and local government officials to prevent further violence, denied reports of unpaid bonuses, and said it would honor all its financial obligations to workers. The company also denied the allegations of assigning dormitories to new hires with those who have tested positive for Covid-19.

In such a chaotic situation, it is difficult to determine the truth and verify the claims in this field, but the clear truth in this regard is that Foxconn employees are disappointed with the management of this company in the field of Corona control and other issues.

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