The Corona Pfizer vaccine has received full FDA approval

With delta outbreaks do we need a third dose of The Corona Pfizer vaccine has received full FDA approval 1

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed the Corona Pfizer vaccine developed in collaboration with Bionotech Fully approved To speed up the vaccination process in this country.

The vaccine is used in many countries with an emergency use license, and in the United States itself, people over the age of 12 were vaccinated with the same license. The vaccine is now licensed in the United States.

Once fully approved, the Pfizer and Biontech vaccine, called Comirnaty, will be available to people over 16 years of age. However, people between the ages of 12 and 15 can still be vaccinated with an emergency use permit.

FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock described the approval of the vaccine as an achievement:

“FDA approval of this vaccine is an achievement as we continue to fight the corona epidemic. While the Pfizer vaccine and other vaccines meet the FDA’s strict scientific standards for emergency use authorization, the Pfizer is the first vaccine to be fully approved by the FDA. “People can now be assured of its high standards for safety, efficiency and production quality.”

Receiving this approval can speed up vaccination in the United States by increasing public confidence. In addition, US companies, schools and universities can make the vaccine mandatory. While it is possible to do this with an emergency use permit, potential concerns are reduced when fully approved.

This confirmation is based on the high volume of data issued for Corona Pfizer and Biontech vaccines, which include clinical trials on 20,000 vaccine-receiving patients and 20,000 placebo-treated patients. The results of this trial showed that the Pfizer vaccine prevents 91% of coronary heart disease up to 6 months after injection.

Now that Pfizer has received full approval in the United States, pharmaceutical companies can no longer apply to the FDA for emergency use. This license is only issued for products when there is no approved drug on the market. For example, if Astrazenka wants to use her vaccine in the United States, she must obtain full approval, which, of course, takes longer than an emergency use permit.

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