The corona vaccine not only does not endanger pregnant mothers, but also protects the baby.

واکسن کرونا نه تنها مادران باردار را در معرض خطر قرار نمی‌‌دهد، بلکه نوزاد را هم ایمن می‌کند

New study It shows that pregnant women who receive the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine can transmit antibodies to the disease to their babies to a good extent. In this study, researchers examined the cords of 36 infants who had all received the Pfizer / Bionotec or Moderna mRNA vaccine.

The results showed that all infants had high levels of antibodies that attack and kill the protein tentacles on the surface of the virus, and that all of these antibodies were transmitted to the infant through maternal vaccination. Doctors say that the antibodies that the mother makes in her body are passed from the placenta to the fetus and can have many benefits for the baby after birth.

The relationship between infant antibody levels and maternal vaccination time during pregnancy has not yet been established. It is also not known how long these antibodies are in the baby. But their presence in the umbilical cord shows that vaccination during pregnancy is also beneficial for the baby.

Another study it shows Vaccination of mothers during pregnancy will not increase the risk of miscarriage. In this study, 1,613 vaccinated mothers were monitored, 30% of whom were fully vaccinated in the second trimester of pregnancy and the remaining 70% received the vaccine in the last trimester.

At the end of the study, 1,634 babies were born, including 42 twins. Physicians and researchers found no signs of an increased risk of miscarriage in pregnant women and no adverse outcomes in infants.

These participants were only part of the 5096 participants in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the center, about 65% of the total participants were between 25 and 34 years old and 33% were between 35 and 44 years old.

Among the 1634 babies born, 99 were premature babies, 45 were small babies of gestational age, and 158 babies needed intensive care. However, no deaths have been reported in the meantime. Only 45 babies were born with defective births with no rare or unusual signs.

Another study found that Covid-19 vaccination had nothing to do with stillbirths. In a 9-month period, compared to 11,300 live births, only 26 deaths were reported, with other factors such as congenital diseases being the main cause. Therefore, these studies do not report any risk of the vaccine being dangerous for pregnant women and infants, but vaccination can be beneficial for infants and protect them from the virus after birth.

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