The creator of the World Wide Web supports Metavars and virtual reality

حمایت خالق شبکه جهانی وب از متاورس و واقعیت مجازی

Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist Creator of the World Wide Web In his new interview, he stated that he expects that in the future, virtual reality And technologies based on متاورسAre part of how users interact with his invention, the Web.

He said in an interview with The Bloomberg Quicktake app said:

“People have questions about virtual reality and whether Metavers is going to form the whole future, and the answer is yes, it will be part of the future.”

He goes on to say about virtual reality:

“With virtual reality, we will get a whole new medium. For example, I think you can [در دنیایی] Be between a movie and the virtual reality world of that movie. “This is what I hope for.”

Berners-Lee’s support for virtual reality technologies

Some other keywords such as Web3 and NFT have caused different opinions among users. Some experts believe that updating and using new equipment for the most important parts The world of the Internet One thing is necessary and some others see it as a way to Earn money They learn more.

Berners-Lee is a front-runner because he has shown his support for these emerging technologies in a number of ways. Last year, for example, he presented the original code of the World Wide Web in a Sotheby’s online auction NFT And sold $ 5.4 million. Berners-Lee is also the co-founder and CEO of Inrupt Technology, a company that develops a decentralized data storage system called Solid, which is referred to as the successor to Web 2.0.

The inventor previously mentioned Solid as a user-controlled data storage service. An important difference between this service and cloud services is the ability to share data much more accurately.

In addition to paying attention to Metavars and virtual reality in another part of the interview, Berners-Lee also expressed his opposition to control. User personal data Shown by the tech giants of the world.

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