The death toll from the Astrazenka vaccine has risen due to blood clots

The death toll from the Astrazenka vaccine has risen due to blood clots

Coinciding with the start of Astrazenka vaccination, cases of blood clots were observed among recipients, to the point that some European countries stopped injecting the vaccine and others imposed restrictions on injecting it into young age groups. The number of victims of this vaccine is increasing, but it remains to be seen where the fate of this vaccine will go in the coming weeks.

The British Agency for Drugs and Health Products has identified 30 rare cases of blood clots in the last two weeks after receiving the Astrazenka vaccine. informed. However, no cases of clots have been reported following the injection of the Pfizer corona vaccine.

This type of blood clot in these people is one of the rare cases of blood clotting. Cerebral sinus thrombosis (CVST) can be life-threatening if it causes blood to clot in a cerebral artery. According to informed sources, the number of people suffering from this condition is increasing in the UK and has increased from 5 to 30 in the last two weeks.

However, British officials believe that the Astraznka vaccine has greater benefits in preventing coronary heart disease than the risk of blood clots.

Following this news, some countries, including France, Sweden, Finland, Canada and Germany, refuse to inject the vaccine into young age groups who are more prone to blood clots. It has also been stopped in some countries, including Norway and Denmark.

In Norway, out of 120,000 vaccine recipients, six blood clots have been reported so far, four of whom have died. In Germany, 2.7 million people have been vaccinated so far, and 31 cases have been reported so far, of which 29 were women aged 20 to 63 and two were men aged 36 to 57, nine of whom died.

Since April 4, 18.1 million people have received the Astraznka vaccine, and statistics show that one in every 600,000 recipients has had a blood clot. Some countries have resumed the Astrazenka vaccine after it was discontinued, and others are awaiting further investigation to conclude.

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