The departure of the head of the Halo Infinite project from Microsoft

The departure of the head of the Halo Infinite project from Microsoft

“Joseph Staten” (Joseph Staten), the head and director of the “Halo Infinite” project (Halo Infinite), is leaving this company forever after 18 years of working at Microsoft. The official news agency of “Xbox” has confirmed the news of “Staten’s” separation.

According to IGN news agency, “Joseph Staten”, the experienced developer of Microsoft’s exclusive titles, is leaving the company. In his Twitter post, he thanked all the Xbox employees and said that he is interested in experiencing a new adventure in a different corner of the gaming industry. “Joseph Staten” had moved to the 343 Industries studio for some time to develop Halo Infinite.

As the head of the project, he helped the 343 Industries studio in completing the development stages of the said game. He has worked in various studios of Xbox for many years. Staten has a history of cooperation in projects such as Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Zoo Tycoon, State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 in his career.

The departure of the head of the Halo Infinite project; An overview of Joseph Staten’s career

“Joseph Staten” was part of the senior members of the studio when it was bought by Microsoft in 2000. He was responsible for writing the cutscenes for Halo: Combat Evolved, and was then appointed as the lead writer for Halo 3 and Halo ODST. Joseph served as Destiny’s story director before leaving Bungie in 2014.

The departure of the head of the Halo Infinite project

It is worth noting that he wrote several novels for the Halo series. Staten’s most famous novel from the Halo series was published under the title Contact Harvest in 2007. The novel takes place before Combat Evolved, where humans first encounter the Covenant race. Avery Johnson plays the main role of this novel.

“Joseph Staten” in 2015 a short novel from the Halo universe called Shadow of Intent marketed. This short novel will only be available digitally. Shadow of Intent is a novel about a former Sangheili warrior who seeks revenge on the clan after being caught up in a conspiracy.

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